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The Building Group has provided premier management services to rental property owners for 30-years. We strive to understand owner's goals, and deliver the level of service, technology, and professional staff necessary to satisfy owners and their tenants. 

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Administrative Services: 

Tenants are provided a designated property manager, along with assistants to serve their residence, including answering general inquiries, responding to maintenance requests, and providing any other services necessary to ensure resident needs are being met. Our staff is available to tenants 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Maintenance and Cleaning Services: 

We address routine maintenance needs, including repairs and cleaning, as necessary to ensure the continuity of the property, and resident satisfaction.

Financial Services:

​We manage all aspects of your property's finances from paying vendors, servicing the property's debts, paying real estate taxes, and collecting rent. We utilize a cloud-based system enabling owners to view their property's finances in real-time. 

Tenant Technology Services:

Tenants receive access to a cloud-based, premier management tool whereby they can pay rent, correspond with management, reserve amenity spaces, and receive notices relevant to the building. This can be accessed from their phone or a web-browser.

Leasing & Unit Turnover Services: 

We ​provide leasing services to ensure qualified tenants reside in your building. In accordance with local laws affecting how owners or managers can vet potential tenants, we utilize a variety of systems and third-party services to ensure tenants maintain valid credit and income to satisfy rent.

Custom Management Services: 

We understand each building and owner is different. We work with owners independently to understand ​the nuances that may affect their particular property, or budget goals. 


Our leadership includes licensed architects, lawyers, accountants, and other professionally qualified individuals who have the knowledge and skill-set necessary to solve the complex problems that arise out of real estate ownership. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a high degree of expertise that we believe is essential to managing real estate assets. 

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