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The Building Group is Chicago's leading, luxury condominium and cooperative management company. We have 30-years of experience managing a variety of Associations. Whether your building is a century old or new construction, we understand the nuances necessary to effectively manage your community.

Custom Management Services: 

We provide Associations with a dedicated on-site manager, or alternatively, can customize a part time working schedule for a dedicated manager to meet your budgetary needs.


Our leadership includes licensed architects, lawyers, accountants, and other professionally qualified individuals who have the knowledge and skill-set necessary to solve complex problems that are unique to condominium associations, and provide the degree of management expertise necessary to effectively serve Associations and their residents.


Financial Management: 

We manage all aspects of your Association’s finances from managing invoices, paying bills, and collecting assessments. We use a premier cloud-based association management software, giving Associations access to their finances in real-time. All accounting is done at our office in Chicago, enabling our staff to quickly serve communities and their vendors.

Maintenance, Repair & Budgeting:

We work directly with Associations to understand each property’s routine maintenance requirements. Importantly, we specialize in understanding Association’s long-term capital project needs, including budgeting for these projects, and advising on vendor selection. At Association's request, we can provide qualified staff to oversee large-scale construction projects, including the review of pay-applications, contracts, vendors, permitting, and the many other facets of construction.

Service Integrated Technology:

We use a premium full-service, cloud-based software, enabling residents to view in real-time information pertinent to the building, their unit, and account status. Residents can also submit service-requests, book amenity spaces, track package deliveries and communicate electronically with their property manager - all in real time from their mobile device or a web-browser.

Advertising and Leasing:

On behalf of unit owners, we can manage all aspects of leasing units to tenants, including the advertising these units, collecting rent, and managing their repair requests. We provide these unit owners with real-time access to the data and finances relevant to their rental unit.

Administrative Services: 

In addition to standard management services, we provide emergency service by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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