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Package Delivery Systems

Is One  Right for Your Community?

Nearly all Communities have felt the pain of increased package deliveries that started well before the Covid-19 pandemic.  Brick and Mortar stores have shifted to online sales as more and more people opt for online shopping over heading out the door.  Increased package deliveries have resulted in over-flowing mail rooms and stretched staff trying to manage them.  Package management/delivery systems can benefit communities by ensuring deliveries, decreasing package theft and reducing time for staff.  


There are several package delivery/locker systems that have cropped up in an effort to service consumers and communities.  Three types that might be right for your community are:

  • Amazon Key

  • Package lockers

  • Offsite package storage

Things to consider when weighing options are space, ease of use, and integration with existing management software. 


Examples of  these  services are:

  1. Amazon Key

  • Offers 24/7 access.

  • Can record deliveries to a security system. 

  • Provides parcel couriers and residents touchless pickup options.


How it works:

Delivery drivers receive a PIN where certain entry systems are installed. This PIN grants one-time permission to gain access to the building, resident’s garage or the package/mail room.  This is beneficial for buildings that do not have door or package room staff.  It can time and date stamp arrival/photo of the delivery person depending on the intercom system in place.  The benefit to this type of system is that they often come at little or no cost to the Association, and it can utilize existing package storage space.  It also adds convenience because residents do not need to be at home for the delivery.

  1. Package lockers

There are companies who offer a locker package locker system that offers a wide variety of configurations, including indoor, outdoor and even refrigerated options.  The system comes with a mobile app.  Through an app, residents can receive package notifications and manage their deliveries.  Some systems even manage pickup options to allow for staggered times to eliminate crowding at lockers.  There is often a cost to purchase and install the lockers. This is a good option for buildings that have available space.

2. Offsite Storage

This type of system acts as a receiver for packages.  Instead of packages getting delivered to a residents’ address, it goes to secure storage facility.  Residents use an app to schedule a convenient time for delivery directly to their residence.  

As online shopping seems to be popular for the foreseeable future, so are delivery systems going to continue to grow in order to manage them.  Communities should consider cost, staffing, security, available space and convenience when considering any of these services.

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