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Virtual Board Meetings Are Here To Stay 

Masks may go away, and amenity spaces are reopening, yet virtual Board Meetings are here to stay.

While many communities we manage have started to lift restrictions arising out of COVID-19, nearly all are continuing to meet virtually.


The feedback Boards and Management have received is that:

  • Virtual meetings are more convenient for Board Members to meet, ensuring a quorum is present - many Board Members may not live in the building, or similarly, an amenity space to meet may not be available. As a result, virtual meetings have proven to be a very useful tool.


  • Data continues to show that community and homeowner participation is meaningfully higher on virtual meetings.


  • Board meetings are quicker, and Association business is conducted in a timelier fashion.


Assuming this trend continues, we encourage Boards to click here for guidance on continuing to host virtual Board Meetings.

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