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 TBG employs a team approach. It is our goal to ensure your property is managed with maximum efficiency, appropriate documentation and transparent communication.  

Maintenance and Cleaning Services: 
  • The Building Group will address your maintenance needs on a continual basis, so prevent problems from occurring 

  • Your property will benefit from the relationships we have developed with a wide range of vendors and maintenance personnel. They provide prompt, professional service at very competitive rates. Repairs, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and more—we manage it all with cost-effective and timely service


Financial Reporting: 
  • We work directly with Associations to understand each property’s routine maintenance requirements. Importantly, we specialize in understanding Association’s long-term capital project needs, including budgeting for these projects, and advising on vendor selection


Rent Collection and delinquency filing:  
  • on behalf of unit owners, we can manage all aspects of leasing units to tenants, advertising these units, collecting rent, and managing their tenant’s repair requests

Advertising and Leasing: 
  • Your property will have the best tenants possible at the best rental rates possible with help from The Building Group

  • You’ll benefit from an on-site consultation to help prepare your property for showings, and units are listed on the MLS and over 30 other web sites

  • In addition to carefully screening tenants, TBG has the expertise to negotiate and create strong leases that protect your interests

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