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The Building Group believes Associations must embrace technology and implement it within their community to be able to meet current demands, resident expectations, and solve modern challenges. Our TBG Plus digital platform accomplishes this, and more, for our clients.


Drawing on our extensive background in the Property Management field, the TBG Plus platform has been specifically developed to handle the needs of our associations and has transformed the efficiency of our day-to-day operational tasks and help us deliver the high-quality interactions your residents demand. 


Some of the most useful features our Associations appreciate:

Accounting System Integration

Before, you would rely on the postal system to deliver paper statements each month, with increasing delays in delivery of statements and return of payments often triggering unnecessary late fees and hassle.

Now, the TBG Plus system integrates and synchronizes resident data with the accounting platform utilizing a Technology-First approach. Utilizing robust encryption protocols, residents will be able to review their assessment account and make payments from anywhere at any time. This system integration also allows the Board to directly view the Association’s financial records in real-time.

This Technology-First approach to your homeowner and HOA board provides a seamless platform to complete everything in one place, going a long way in delivering quality service.  

Paperless statements are helpful for the environment by reducing the amount of paper we use. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American uses about one 100-foot-tall Douglas fir tree's equivalent in paper each year. Fewer billing statements means less demand for paper and less air pollution from paper production and less mail can be stolen and fall into the hands of identity thieves.


Before, when you wanted to send out announcements to owners, it required you to print individual copies of that announcement and distribute it door-to-door.

Now, you compose your announcement in Concierge Plus and quickly select the groups of people you want it to go to. (For example, water shut-offs affecting only a particular line.) Instantly your message is delivered to everyone. Reporting that is triggered immediately lets you see who has received the email, phone call, or text message. Easy accountability to ensure everyone is getting your message.



Before when you wanted to notify residents of deliveries, you would have to log the packages in a binder and then call each resident or leave a sticky note on their mailbox.

Now you can use our Deliveries Module to quickly log each package and immediately send an email, text message, and/or automated phone call to the resident to let them know without having to use a lot of your team’s time.


Service Requests

Before, when you wanted to have a resident’s service request actioned, you would have to find and speak to the right team member and let them know what to do.

But now, you can use our simple Service Requests module to assign and keep track of issues without the need for manual assignment and tracking.

Media Library

Before when you wanted to distribute important documents or information to residents or owners, you would need to print thousands of pages of copies of those documents and leave them at each resident’s door, at the front desk, or worse, pay for postage to mail them to owners.

Now you can use the Media Library to distribute information without wasting any time, money, or paper and ink.


Amenity Bookings

Before when you wanted to process an amenity booking, a resident would have to visit or call the front desk where someone would look through a calendar to see whether their date was available. The booking was written into that calendar and in some cases a check collected for payment.

Now you can use our Amenity Bookings module to allow residents to view availability, make a booking, and even pay online (if necessary) without frustrating and time-consuming manual interactions.


Resident Database

Before when you wanted to look up contact or other important information about a resident, you would look in a resident information binder or Excel spreadsheet.

Now you can quickly search and locate all of these details with just a couple of keystrokes without the need to manually search or the risk of someone inadvertently changing resident information.

Pet Registry, Parking Management, Incident Reports, Storage Locker Management, Equipment Inventory, Classified Ads, Unit Entry Instructions, Key Management, and many other features are also available. If interested in more information on the TBG Plus system:


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