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Prior to bringing any pets on the premises, please consult the 401 E. Ontario Condominium Association Rules and Regulations, Section 37. Pets.  


Registration of all dogs is required and must be completed before bringing the dog(s) into the building.

The annual fee is $200 per dog and will be added to the unit owner’s account each calendar year.  In the case of a renter, the fee will also be added to the landlord’s account.  There is no proration.  Once all requirements are completed a tag will be issued by Management and the resident’s key fob will be activated for access to the dog door.


Please Note:

  • The dog tag must be worn on the pet’s collar while in the common areas.

  • Access in and out of the building is through the dog door only.  Pets must be transported on the freight elevator only, unless it is in use for other purposes.

  • Evidence of city license, current veterinary certificates, and a photo of the pet must be supplied to the Management office.

  • Resident assumes full responsibility, financial and otherwise, for any injuries to persons or property damages caused by their pet(s).

  • Resident agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold the Association, its Board of Directors, Unit Owners, and the Management Agent, their employees, and their agents harmless against any loss, claim, or liability of any kind or character whatsoever arising or growing out of the privilege of having a pet(s) on the premises of 401 East Ontario Condominium Association.

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