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Building management is not just picking up a telephone and calling consultants and contractors. We are unique from other real estate firms in that we have in-house construction expertise, and property managers with technical problem solving skills.  Also unique to The Building Group is the President's background as a license architect.  Almost half of managing buildings is dealing with their variety of construction materials and techniques.  We stabilize and secure the property, maximize revenue, aggressively handle delinquents and create building maintenance plans to lower the cost operations and repairs.

The other half of managing buildings is responding promptly to our clients' and properties service needs.  Our Property Managers and Supervisors return phone calls and create open lines of communication between the management company and the association directors.  Our managers are able to understand and communicate issues and not rely on expensive professional consultants or vendors, thus saving our clients' time and money. 

***Client Testimonials***

"Saw your (property manager) in action with time running out in regarding getting hot water into our building. A text book example of what must be done (and was),  You never left until the job was completed (after midnight) and I'll bet the plumbers had every intention of leaving the job, but couldn't because you were there, exactly what you are supposed to do.  We were in a state of emergency. Congratulations for a job well done. We are lucky."
- Alvin G., Hampton Place Condominium Association

"I want to commend your organization on its Newsletter.  It is one of the best written and informative letters that I have seen coming from a management company.  CONGRATULATIONS.  Keep it coming."  
- Fred F.,  Park View Towers Condominium Association

"I saw the Property Manager in the lobby at 40 E. Delaware last week and told him what a great job The Building Group is doing.  I want to have something for him in writing because it makes such a difference.  The last deal I did in the building was just a nightmare...I know realtors who would not take listings there because of the property managers.  You all are doing such a great job.  Your quick and efficient response has always been appreciated.  At our closing today the other realtor said the same thing about you.  So please pass this along and keep up the good work."
- Realtor and Unit Owner, 40 E. Delaware Condominium Association

 "I'm the owner of a condominium at Clark Place. I live in the suburbs and recently, there have been a lot of activities involving the condo. My former tenant left and we had to do some work in the unit. I have to depend a lot (through phone and e-mails) on the assistance of the property manager. She is always helpful, very quick in resolving issues and making suggestions. It's a delight to talk to her on the phone because she is always upbeat. She is an asset in your company and I just want you to know that."
- Estrelita A., Clark Place Private Residences

"Thanks for the prompt response.  I wish more management companies were efficient as you!"
- Megan P., PHH Home Loans

"My husband and I are Very Satisfied with the way the building is run. We're especially pleased with Mary K! She's always available, calmly investigates and resolves problems, and always has a smile. Mary K also is very clear and to the point at board meetings.  We're so lucky to have her at 1325 N. State!"
- Beth, 1325 N. State Parkway
"I just want to say thank you for assigning Tom Selimos to our building (550 N Kingsbury). Tom has really gone above and beyond to help the residents understand the work.  He has even taken my "emergency" call on a Sunday when I was unable to get in touch with Assurance.  In any event, it is clear to me that Tom has excellent judgment and is committed to his job.  I am very grateful for this and thought it important to share my experience with you. I am sure you all too often are the recipient of bad news so thought you might appreciate hearing what an excellent team member you have working for the The Building Group."
- Anonymous, Riverbank Lofts Condo Assn.
"I want to express my appreciation for so many people who work hard and thoughtfully for the welfare of our building.  The engineers, doormen, our board and management form an effective team who make living at 336 W. Wellington a blessing.  Plaudits to them all!  Count me as one who feels nothing but support for those keeping my home in good repair and struggling to assist me and protect my investment."
- Max P., 336 W. Wellington
"The Building Group and the Riverbank Loft condo Board have done a great job in making sure this is one of the premier loft building in the River North area."
- Riverbank Lofts, 2011

"I am writing to let you know how extremely pleased I am with the help Tania has given me regarding my upcoming move from 222 E. Chestnut Street.  I have lived here for 26 years. that is to say…I have not moved in a LONG time and since I am selling, and doing two moves (one to long-term storage and the other to an apartment out of state) I have faced “details” that at times feel somewhat overwhelming.  She is amazing. She provides the kind of help one so rarely finds…she anticipates what is needed! She is proactive and follows through on every detail in a swift manner. I really don’t know how she does it…but I am so grateful to her for making this aspect of my move almost a pleasure. When one is this special and so appreciated by the customers / clients they serve I think it is always worth noting!"
- Resident of 222 E. Chestnut, 2012


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